Irish Parliament Makes Strides to Give Citizens Access to CBD Oil

Sophia Gibson, a five-year old girl with Dravet Syndrome, and her parents will be tuning into the debate happening in the Irish Parliament this week. Legislation to allow for the use of CBD oil in Ireland will be discussed during the debate.

Little Sophia suffers from the same condition as young Charlotte Figi and Jayden David. Dravet syndrome is a rare type of intractable epilepsy that can cause hundreds of grand mal seizures a week. Like Charlotte and Jayden before they found relief with CBD oil, Sophia is on a daily regimen of hard, toxic pharmaceutical pills. Her parents, Danielle and Darren Gibson, believe that CBD oil may be the answer. Currently, Danielle and Darren do not have access to CBD oil in Ireland. They anxiously wait as the Irish Parliament makes strides to passing legislation to provide Irish citizens access to CBD oil for treatment.

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