UAB CBD Case Study

In April of 2015, the University of Alabama (UAB), began studies of CBD oil as a treatment for severe, intractable seizures. The studies consist of an adult study at the University and a children study at Children’s of Alabama. Researchers were granted permission to move forward with these studies after Carly’s Law was passed in 2014.

The purpose of the studies is to observe the safety and tolerability of CBD oil in adult and pediatric patients. Dr. Jerzy Szaflarski, head of the adult study at UAB, comments “The studies are ongoing, and we have a lot more to learn; but these preliminary findings are encouraging. Among our goals was to determine the safety of CBD oil therapy, and it appears that, in many cases, patients tolerate the oil quite well. The evidence of seizure reduction gives us hope that, the more we learn about CBD oil, the better we will be able to tailor this therapy to provide relief for those with severe epilepsy.”


Source: UAB News Center

The ‘encouraging preliminary findings’ that Szaflarski is referring to includes approximately half of the patients experiencing sustained improvement in seizure control of a six-month period. Furthermore, of those subjects, they saw a 32% to 45% decrease in seizures. AND, two patients were completely seizure-free. Visit the University of Alabama’s News Center to read more about the study