Trading in Painkillers for CBD Oil to Treat Migraines

Colette Frawley, since the age of 10, has suffered from debilitating migraines. In 1981, she was diagnosed with arterivenous malformation (AVM), which causes sever pain and aneurysm in the brain. She has been on “every painkiller in the book”. Today, she is completely off all the painkillers and have replaced her cocktail of highly toxic pharmaceuticals with CBD oil. If you have read our post about young Sophia Gibson of Ireland, you may recall that CBD oil and medical marijuana is currently not available in Ireland; however, the Irish Parliament is making strides to give their citizens access.


“A friend who is suffering with cancer told me about it, saying it was good for pain. I had never taken an illegal substance in my life but I was at the stage where I would have eaten cement if I thought it would help. – Frawley


Because she is unable to acquire CBD oil in Ireland, Colette resorted to sourcing her CBD oil from the Netherlands. She says she pays about 30 euros for a 10mL bottle and usually purchases five bottles at a time. She recalls trying the CBD oil for the first time -“When I first got it I decided to go off all painkillers to give it a fair chance. The first time I took it I could actually feel the headache lessening immediately. I thought, ‘This is probably just a fluke’. But it works and I didn’t go back on the painkillers.”

CBD oil has completely replaced the painkillers she was on. No more Vicodin. No more Morphine. No more Oxycontin.

Now, pain-free, Colette spends her time educating others on CBD oil. Read more about her story in this Irish Times article – Migraine Sufferer Finds Relief in Cannabis-Derived Oil