NY State First Hemp Grow

This summer we continue to see the hemp movement continue its momentum. Most recently, we witnessed the commencement of New York State’s first hemp research program at JD Farms in Eaton. Mark Justh and Dan Dolgin, co-owners, have partnered with Morrisville State College in a collaboration to research industrial hemp. Since the signing of the 2014 Farm Bill, which allowed for the growing of hemp for research purposes, over 30 states have passed legislation related to industrial hemp.

“Hemp is a triple-value crop, with a multitude of products made from the seeds, stalks and fiber. We hope the results of what we’re doing here will convince other farmers that this is a great opportunity.” – Dan Dolgin

Read more about JD Farms and New York’s first hemp farm in Eaton’s local paper Oneida Dispatch – Not pot: Hemp farm takes root in Madison County