North Carolinian Fights Prostate Cancer With CBD

In Spring of 2015, Jon Griffith, a resident of Ashville, North Carolina, received some bad news from his doctor after his prostate examination. He had cancer. His doctor suggested radiation treatment for the cancer, but warned him of the serious side-effects that come with radiation treatment.

After this life-changing news, Jon decided to change his lifestyle in hopes of beating the cancer. He converted to vegetarianism and began a regimen of holistic supplements. A friend recommended to him cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Inspired and open to try anything, Jon purchased six vials of CBD oil from a Southern California company.

He added CBD to his holistic regimen with 0.2 grams of CBD  twice a day. When he returned to the doctors office in July of 2015, he was cancer free!

Read more about Jon and his CBD story in Ashville’s local paper — Mountain Xpress