MLB Pitcher’s Journey from Opioids to CBD Oil


We have seen both former and current athletes look to CBD (cannabidiol) oil to help in their recovery process. As CBD is commonly known for its neuroprotectant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it is a no-brainer that many athletes are avoiding opioids and seeking relief from CBD oil, that is derived from the natural cannabis sativa plant.

Like Jake Plummer (Former NFL Quarterback and his CBD Mission) and like Nate Diaz (MMA Athlete Uses CBD Vape Pen for Recovery and Healing), former Major League Baseball pitcher, David Wells, is leading the movement for America’ pastime.

David Wells played in the MLB for 21 seasons before retiring in 2007. As a professional athlete in an extremely demanding game, Wells often resorted to opioids to cope with pain that resulted from a 162-game season and surgeries. Wells recalls using Percocet while he played in the 90’s.

He vaguely recalls, “I’d say probably from ’99 on, probably 75-80 percent of the tie I was on it”.

When he retired, he looked to CBD as an alternative to Opioids. Learn more about David Wells and his journey from opioids to CBD in The Post Game’s Interview: How CBD Oil Helped David Wells Manage Pain