Jayden’s Juice — How a Father Saved His Son

Remember Charlotte Figi, the little girl who suffers from Dravets Syndrome? Well, she is not the only child out there who has experienced great success with CBD oil. Jayden David, now 10-years old, was also diagnosed with Dravets Syndrome at a young age. Like young Charlotte, Jayden would suffer from hundreds of grand mal seizures every day.

Jason, Jayden’ father, could not stand watching his son be poisoned with the pharmaceuticals that was prescribed to him, so he decided to try alternative treatment, CBD oil, to save his son. “My son used to be high on pharmaceuticals, 22 pills a day, that’s what you call a chemical high. I’m trying to ween him off the pharmaceuticals and get my son back.”

Today, Jayden is almost off of all of the pills he was being prescribed and is successfully battling his seizures with Jayden’s Juice, a CBD oil developed by his father. Jayden and Jason’s story was documented in the documentary The Culture High.