How much would you pay to save your loved ones?

We’ve encountered many miraculous stories about cannabidiol (CBD) and how it has changed the lives of families. Charlotte Figi – the young Coloridian girl who suffered from hundreds of epileptic seizures each week before finding relief from CBD oil. Jayden David – the young boy who was taking 22 highly-toxic pharmaceuticals each day before finding relief from CBD oil.

These miraculous stories are not only happening here, in the United States. Barry and Joy Lambert, from Australia, also have a story of their own. Their four-year old granddaughter, Katelyn, like Charlotte and Jayden, suffers from Dravets Syndrome. She would experience over 1,000 seizures daily, no pharmaceuticals were effective in treating her and her family suffered powerlessly witnessing this all happen.

Michael, Katelyn’s father, came across Charlotte Figi’s story; given new hope, they tried CBD oil with Katelyn. After going on a CBD oil regimen to combat her Dravet’s Syndrome, Katelyn has been seizure-free for almost a year.

Australia legalized medical marijuana earlier this year. The Lambert’s, having witnessed their granddaughter get her life back with the use of CBD oil, made a $33.7 million donation to Sydney University. The donation will be used to fund research on medical marijuana, specifically for CBD and epilepsy, under the Lambert Initiative. Learn more about the Lambert Initiative and its mission to further medical marijuana and CBD research for all at the University of Sydney.