Five Ways to Use CBD

CBD Tincture? CBD Vape? — Which to choose?

If you have been researching about CBD, you have probably come across many different types of CBD products – from tinctures to topical lotions to even chewing gum. We are going to discuss five of the most popular delivery vehicles that consumers use to get the medical benefits of CBD.



1. CBD Oil Tinctures 

Have existed for thousands of years as a way of delivering medicine to the body. Historically, tinctures were alcohol-based as alcohol is a suitable solvent for extracting the medicinal constituents of plants and herbs. Alcohol-based tinctures continue to exist today and are quite popular. In addition to alcohol-based tinctures, you can find many other CBD tincture products in other carrier liquids, like MCT oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, hempseed oil and olive oil. CBD companies have been quite innovative in offering different flavors and strengths of CBD tincture products. The best way to use a CBD tincture is through sublingual administration (by placing drops of the tincture under the tongue). When the CBD tincture is administered under the tongue, the CBD diffuses in the mucous membrane through its network of capillaries and enters the bloodstream allowing for faster absorption than if it were to go through the digestive system and being metabolized by the liver.

2. CBD Oil Vaping

The term vaping comes from the device in which vaping is performed, the vaporizer. A vaporizer is usually a small portable device that consists of a heating source (small battery) that can heat CBD oil hot enough so that it becomes a vapor (but not smoke) and suitable for inhalation. Vaping is one of the faster delivery methods of CBD to the body. Check out professional athlete, Nate Diaz, vaping CBD oil during the press conference after his match against Connor McGregor.

3. CBD Edibles

Just like the THC-infused pot brownies that we all know of, there are CBD-infused foods that are widely available in the market. Of course, these will NOT get you STONED, as they do not have THC. We have seen a variety of CBD-infused edibles – from chocolate bars to peanut butter to gummy bears. Edibles are eaten, passed through the digestive system and metabolized by the liver. This process is lengthier than administering CBD sublingually or vaping.

4. CBD-Infused Topicals

CBD-infused topicals are applied externally and absorbed by the skin, ultimately reaching your CB2 receptors. Topicals are an ideal choice for targeting pain, soreness or inflammation. There are many topical products in the market including: salves, oils, lotions and patches.

5. CBD Capsules

Like many of the health & wellness products and medicines out there, CBD capsules are also widely available. You will encounter many types of capsules from soft-gel to hard-gel. Like most pills, you simply swallow CBD capsules with some water. The main benefit of taking CBD capsules over a tincture or vaping is knowing exactly how much CBD is going into your body.