Aurora Brewery Introduces CBD Beer


Bottoms up! Dad and Dudes brewery of Aurora, Colorado will be serving three CBD-infused beers at the Great American Beer Festival this week. Dad and Dudes is the first of its kind in producing a CBD-infused brew. At the 2015, Great American Beer Festival, they launched their first CBD beer, Sativa IPA. The Sativa IPA will return to the 2016 Great American Beer Festival with a new name, General Washington’s Secret Stash.

In addition to General Washington’s Secret Stash, Dad and Dudes will be serving a CBD-infused imperial IPA and CBD-infused cream ale with a hint of orange. These three CBD-infused beers will be accompanied by seven traditional beers. Head brewer, Brian Connery, says that the CBD does not affect the flavor of the beer. A pint of their CBD beers contains approximately 2mg of CBD.

If you are a beer lover, this is certainly a great way to enjoy a cold one and consume some CBD. But, with only 2mg in each pint, you will probably be overly intoxicated before consuming a healthy dose of CBD to reap its health benefits.